Sunday, October 10, 2010

Better late than never.

Emilee is the big 8!
Emilee Grace turned eight on October 2nd so I am alittle late with my post but alot has been going on.

She is such a sweet little lady. She has grown so much this past year not only in size but intellectually. She was supposed to start 2nd grade and has skipped 2nd and on to 3rd! Very Very Proud Momma.

On to her birthday, We started out with a small little party with family and a few friends.She loved it. The theme was Littlest Petshop at her request. I served all of her favs-black olives, pickles, okra, donuts.
The cake was made by a lady by our church and she did a wonderful job. You could smell it outside the box. Kaylee and Emilee helped me make cupcakes with peace signs, E, and the number 8 on them. She thought they where really cute!

After the party was over we contiuned the fun at the mall with a little alone time with Day, Emilee and I. We really wanted her to feel special on her day. We stopped at Build a Bear, and The Disney Store. She loved spending time in the build a bear workshop dressing up teddy and picking him out new clothes, a bed and he even got a stroller! When we stopped in the Disney Store she picked out a Belle dress and some really cute shoes to match. Day and I bought her the cute red outfit, red shoes and head band. (shown at the bottom) She is one BLESSED little girl.
 We wanted to take her to a nice sit down place to eat so she could have some really good dessert and have someone sing to her but she was so hungry from all the shopping that we ate in the food court at Raising Caines. She loves the sauce there.

Once we left the mall we took her for some night bowling and Guanny, Pop, Uncle casey and Uncle Zearl joined us.

All and all it was the perfect day!

please excuse the back drop. I lost the other panel and we are in the process of redoing our pantry.
Daddy and baby bird shopping!

Birthday princess bowling!

Goodie bags for friends!

New outfit!

I brought cake for her class.

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