Monday, November 29, 2010


Longwood Plantation= my 2nd favorite one!
I really enjoyed seeing this one. Everyone told me this was a must see and they where surely right.
The link below tells alittle bit more about the plantation.

what a beautiful view.

riding in view

Looking up from the second floor

This was some of the unfinished work. Our tour guide told us that when the war broke out the workers left everything. Later some people did move it to other areas of the house. Easier to tour I guess.

This was out in the barn.

David said this was kissing moss :)

We visited the day before Halloween. The weekend before they had a carnival for the local kids. Thats why it is decorated.

Just a funny side note (alteast to me) My hubby told me that they filmed a vampire show here right as we are pulling up. If anyone is reading this and actually know me I am a big baby and get scared easily. Well, I told my hubby that if I heard anything I was gonna take off running because...well thats what I do.
So low and behold my hubby, mom and step dad are still trying to spook me but I am not letting them get to me because I was trying to enjoy my time and I knew they where just playing around. So we start to head back to the car from the barn and some how David trips in the rocks.....WELL....lets just say I didn't help him up! I took off running!!! No was a sight..alteast they said it was. My heart was just a pumping. I don't know where I was going but I was gonna get the heck out of here! LOL

But all in all I had a blast!!!

It surely is a must see :)

Till next time~Val

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