Thursday, January 13, 2011

no more

So, I have no laptop anymore. I am so annoyed too! David actually dropped it and it popped open pretty much. Its ok we did get to save all the picture and other important stuff I had on it but getting another one is the problem. I just took my iMac back to Best Buy because I was just not getting it. I am now regreting it. I guess I will be making a new trip up to Best Buy but I think I am gonna go with a iMac laptop. Not sure. I am trying to be patient with this purchase because I don't like to change computer a whole lot. My dear HP lasted since 2006. I LOVED it dearly too!

On another note. My diet is not going on so smoothly. I did on the other hand start back at Curves and I can tell a differnce. Keep me in your prayers because I am in need of them. :)

I am thankful for this 4 day weekend. Fri.-Mon. It will be spent resting!!!!!

Till next time~Val

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