Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy busy

We have been so busy these past few days. The kids are finally out for fall break and I am loving it. We get to sleep in. Yay!!!
David and I leave for our anniversary trip Wednesday morning. We are going back to Natchez to tour the homes again. His grandparents will be joining us and we just can't wait to get there. We only stayed two days last year and only toured 3/4 homes I believe. This time we are going to tour all that are available and do a lot more aight seeing. We won't be home till Sunday evening.
The kids are staying with my mom for the week and then Saturday my dad will get them. They are looking forward to Guanny and Poppy time!

I am also so excited for a blogger that I follow. The happily ever afters of the Lancasters. They are on their way to pick there little boy up from Korea. God is so good. I praying daily for my blogs I read and if even though I don't know only two in real life I feel apart of these special times and get just as excited I bet. I can't wait to see photos of them getting their baby boy, Liam.

On another note, I am going to start a diet/ eating better plus working out when I return next week. I went to the store for a new skirt and has to go up a size and it was not a happy time as I thought it would be to go shopping.

Anywho..... Gotta run

Till next time Val

Also I wanted share a photo of Lucky. He is huge!!!

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