Sunday, October 30, 2011

The month is almost gone

I am so glad that the month of October is almost gone but still sad to see it passing by so fast. Yeah, that was a weird sentence...
Anywho! I have so much planned for the month of November it isn't even funny. We plan to go to a Toby Mac concert in Mobile,Al and we are also going for a week to Jacksonville,Fl to visit friends for Thanksgiving. Did I mention Jamie Grace will also be at the concert?! yup...If you don't know who she is take a listen below
She is awesome!!!
We bought her Cd at Simple Goodness for only $8.99!!
Every song on the cd is great!
I espically love track 2,3,4,5,6,7,8!
Track 3 is my JAM!
It's so me!

Next thing on my list-Halloween.
We normally never go house to house. We have once or twice in Magee but thats it.
We mostly go to Fall Festivals. They are always so good.
We have a favorite in River Ridge we love to attend and we went there tonight.
The kids had a blast as usual.
I was a slacker this year with costumes.
Emilee had bought her a candy corn outfit with her birthday money and I thought since DJ has a whole trunk full he would just pick one from there. AND he did! He went as Sherlock Holmes. A funny one!
He is so funny, just like his Daddy.
Kaylee didn't want to dress up until the last minute. We stopped and hse didn't find anything that suited her so she decided to just have fun as a preteen she said!
That girl.....

Till next time~Val

Also....check out these two songs as well

This song above is my THEME song!

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