Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spring cleaning in the fall

Today o have done so much spring cleaning. I really have an issue with orange you see. It's my favorite color. I have loved it ever since I was an I think I have but I so know I have loved it since I was a toddler! I loved being around anything orange and bright. It just made me happy! Well these past few months it's kind of grown yuck to me. I NO, if you know me in person you are think WHAT!!! buy it has. It's everywhere in my home from the rugs to blankets, pots, cooking utensils to towels. It's just a bit much for me now. I think I am aging and I am starting to like calmer colors. Browns, creams, whites. So with that said, I packed up all the orange.
I got rid of my cookie jar monkey, a bunch of cups and plates. I tossed my throw blankets in the containers for when we have extras over. I took down the fun funky orange pink and yellow curtains that led to the game room. Moved my throw pillows to my closet.

With all of that bright orange stuff gone I feel better. I feel a bit more mature if you get me. Not that I wasn't before I just feel I have moved into a different chapter in my life.

Now, tomorrow/today I plan on going threw the rest of my dishes and what knots and box them up and them off to the goodwill we come!!!!!!!

I don't believe In doing my own yard sale. I have been giving so much that I feel the need to GIVE as well. But by know means am I saying that throwing a yard sale is wrong. I love love love to yard sale and it's where I get most of my house hold things and clothes.

Till next time-Val

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