Sunday, November 27, 2011

just another day in paradis

So the year is almost over. Where did it go so fast?! We just got home from Florida. It was a short but really nice trip. Hopefully we will go back after the first of the year. We orginally where going to be gone till this Monday but Kelly's grandfather passed away Friday morning arounf 12 am. He was 93 I believe. We drove all the way back to Louisana late last night and early this morning. We arrived in Slidell about 7-8ish this morning and Kelly, Michael, Baby D and I rode to New Orleans to check on their grandmother and Dad. We also took her grandmother to get a outfit for the funeral. She has alzheimer's. Its really sad at this point because she can't remember anything and she is reliving the passing of her dear sweet husband periodically during our visit. I pray that she has healing with her loss and that she has a some what of a good day tomorrow. **Prayers**

On another note, David really liked Florida. He wants to visit alot. He could not believe how nice the beach was and the area. This will be a awesome vacation spot for us from now of. PLUS we have our best friends there and its a free place to stay! HAHA!!!

David is also having trouble with his job with commuting. It is approximately 2 hours there and two hours home. Thats with good traffic. It is starting to wear on his body and mind and also with his job. We are praying for guidance. **Prayers**

I am hoping to get organized here soon. Buy all new towels, dish towels and rags. I also want to stock up on food and tolietries.

I had to add a picture because sometimes with just words on my blog I get bored!! WHile at Kelly's I noticed she was well stocked in these areas and I wanted to do so as well. I also would like to get extra laundry soaps, fabric sheets, cleaning supplies. Its hard when you are always running to the store for every little thing.
SAMS rocks!!
(just saying)

OH! Christmas shopping is going off with a bang!
We ordered alot of our stuff for the kids and I only have a few more items I need to get.
I still need to get these items for KK

She wanted Monster high dolls, a camera to take still and videos and Just dance 3!
She asked for a new ipod but we are holding off on that because for her birthday in Feburary we are getting her an Iphone! So its a 2 in 1!

I still have a few things for Emilee too...

A popcorn machine!

Nostalgia Electrics PCM-805 Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker
A cotton candy machine!
<em>Monster High Abbey</em> Bominable Doll with Pet Wooly Mammoth Shiver

And Abby Doll!

DJ wants some boy squinkies, shoes, clothes, army men and germ-x!

The boy is a HOOT!!!

Well I need to be going. I have yet another long day ahead of me.

-Till next time~Val

P.S. I want an Ipad **Hint*Hint*

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