Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the fence

I have  notcied I always have crazy blog titles. I just like to have a cute title and sometimes it doesn't even have anything to do with what I am blogging about but its whats on my mind right at the at moment! HA!
So, as I sit here and type I am listening to one of my favorite blogs playlists.
The happily ever afters of the lancasters. She really has great taste in music!

Church was awesome tonight. I really felt the holy ghost there tonight. Sometimes when I am at church I fell distant but tonight was like a renewing of some sorts. I do have trouble putting my thoughts down. I seem to have what I want to say or how I want to explain it but when it comes down to writing/typing I freeze up.
Let's just say amazing again!
I am so thankful for my church, my paster, my church family!

Christmas is getting close. I have all of my shopping down for the kids. Dad has a few to pick up but he is taking care of that on his own this year. He always picks up our stocking stuffers as well. I mean, he is Santa! DUH! LOL
David I and the kids went shopping this weekend and we finished up. I got the teachers Bath and Body works bubble bath. I need to run back and get 3 more but if I don't make it there it wont be that big of a deal. I wanted to get something for the helpers too! I could always just pick them up something else here in town but I know I will be going that way before the party next week. Oh! I almost forgot I have to get one little girl something from Kaylee but thats just a stop at the Family Dollar or Fred's. We have to buy $5 gifts only.

I also got Dad some pants. I actually had someone pick them up for me in Branson this year. If I have the funds I would like to get him a pack of shirts and underwear but we will see. Money is kind of tight at the moment.

We are having the land cleared at the first of the year. We found a man that does it for a great price! I can't wait!!!
I also got a return address stamp made that I can't wait to use!!!!!

My Granny has been in the hosiptal since last week. She has fluid, kidneys are acting up and a few other things wrong. Pray that she begins to get well.

I just want to add before getting off that I am very thankful for all the answered prayers from God. For a good christian school for my kids to attend. For a awesome holiness church to attend, wonder friends, a healthy family! tons more nut just to name a few important ones....

till next time~Val

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