Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh what a busy day

Today started out as a low key day that ended up with a lot of running around. First I slept till 11am which I really needed. We never really get a night and day all to ourselves so it was peaceful. The babies stayed with my dad and kaylee went to graces house for the night.
David went and rode motorcycles with a family member so I was off to go eat lunch solo. Little Tokyo is my favorite!!! I can't get enough Cajun rolls.
I like their Erica bowls too but today I just got the rolls. Afterwards I went over to Barnes and nobles for my coffee and to get my reading on! I found the Hobot which looks to be a good read and my friend that works there showed me a trilogy called ... Well it slipped my mind so I'll have to repost that later.
Anywho.. So once David got home I turned and got him and all the kids and we went to Slidell for dinner and some shopping. Our check engine light come on while we are out so we are gonna have to get that looked at ASAP!

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