Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So I'm turning 29 tomorrow. My last year in my twenties. Wow, time flys! I wanted todo a bucket list sort of thing with goals and wants for the year and years to come. Here it is...

29 list

1.)Get in shape.

2.)Be down to my goal weight. Eat better.

3.)Read 29 books I've always wanted to read. Like gone with the wind. Pride and prejudice, sense and suability , bible (the whole thing)

4.)Enroll and at least do one semester by 30

5.)Go to Ireland with my mom and step dad

6.) do 29 random acts of kindness

7.) do 3 bible studies women's preferably.

8.) get a massage FULL treatment!

9.) learn to sew and teach my girls how to sew.

10.) learn to play piano better

11.) learn to play my violin

12.) book a Disney vacation at a resort for the upcoming year with dinner reservations. The whole nine :)

13.) develop a skin/beauty routine

14.) go on a date MONTHLY with my hubs

15.) organize all photos from 29 down

16.) make kids a school binder for each year

17.) memorize bible scriptures with my kids

18.) participate in operation Christmas child I want todo 5 shoe boxes. One for each family member

19.) go to five plays. I really want to see the nutcracker

20.) Visit Somewhere I've never been yet. Like Branson, Washington, New York

21.) have a better prayer life. Pray at least once a day. Pray for myself, my hubs, my kids, my parents and grandparents, other family members, pets, my kids future spouses, the world, etc

22.) organize my family binder with all my important documents in it. This is a MUST DO ASAP kind of thing

23.) go parasailing

24.) Make a photo album for each of my kids. Starting with the present year

25.) make 29 new recipes

26.) get a bread machine and make bread!!

27.) buy a camera that I've always wanted. Cannon

28.) Blog and write in my journal regularly; find inspiration from other bloggers

29.) go on cruise for 30th birthday!

One extra.... Ride on a train;)

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