Friday, December 14, 2012

Rome and Juliet

This evening I met up with my cousin Rachel at her apartment. It was so cute. It's a small loft kind of place but everything was just perfect for a single person or a couple. Her window faces a fountain that I just loved and birds where just a chirping even though it was kind of cold. Her book collection was amazing and I loved how she had them displayed. One thing that sent me straight into tears was my MawMaws canisters she had. It brought back so many memories. I lived with my grandparents and this time of year is especially hard on me because she passed away this month and its christmas time which was a favorite in our house. One memory I hold on to so is one christmas I was living with my Mom and I came home to find 12 little gifts all wrapped up on the coffee table. All for me. They where things used from yard sales but they where everything to me. It's one of my fondest memories of coming up. These days kids get so much all year round. I can remember getting a strawberry short cake blanket and star bright doll from a yard sale and thinking I was the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. I miss my MawMaw so much.
Ok back to the play and visit with my cousin. The play was Romeo and Juliet. She knew one of the actors and it was amazing. I had a spell when I was in grade school how I got all off into Shakespeare and poetry. It was heavenly! It was at the New Orleans museum of Arts at night so the view was breath taking to me.
We ate at one of my cousins favorite places The fox and the hound. The food was delicious and everyone was super friendly. I had a buffalo wrap with fries and she had the fish and chips. We talked about Harry potter mostly because we are the biggest fans. We are planning a birthday trip in August to go to Universal to the HP theme park! Chills just thinking about it.
It was a long ride home but soooo worth it. We have made a pack that we are going to do a girls day every month. Our next outing is going to view the art museum. Can't wait!

Till next time -Val

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