Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy weekend

We have been really bust the last couple of weeks. Always on the go it seems like. This past weekend we went to the Nutcracker at a local High school where we used to live. It was the maitnee and was really cute. My cousin Rae and Mom tagged along with the girls and I. DJ decided at the last minute he wanted to stay with my Dad and David. I didn't mind because he loves his Daddy and Poppy. So we made it girl time.
Lets back up to Friday. We went to baby sit  Madison and Austin for the night because my Uncle Rich had his company Christmas party. It was so funny to watch Emilee and Madison play together.
They next morning (Saturday) before the play we went to a Party Lite party and stopped in got HiHo before heading to the play.
We also stopped in at Starbucks and the lady in the car before us paid for our drinks so we paid for the people behind us. Random acts of kindness... The lady taking our order told us that once that happened and it went on for 20 cars! Thats amazing. It made our day.

After the play Rae and I went to Kmart and headed to her theater where she works.My Mom, stepdad and girls met us there with my van. The girls and I did a quick look in the mall and at Toysrus. I love that place as much as they do! Then it was off to the Northshore and to the Walmart there to do some light shopping for things I needed around the house. We didn't make it home till midnight. It was a really long day.

I will post pictures later. They are all on my phone and it is dead at the moment.

Hope all is well and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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