Monday, February 4, 2013

Week recap

This past week felt like It went by so slow. David didn't work earlier in the week so I think that is what caused it. Church was amazing Tuesday night! We had a visiting preacher and the Holy Ghost was all over.

Thursday I took Emilee to her dermatologist appointment and they worked on her left foot. She has some type of growth which is hurting her so we are going every two weeks to get it looked at. They froze it this time and put some type of nasty looking medicine on it. We have a follow up in two weeks.
Afterwards we went to Target. They had tons of sales but since we are balling on a budget we didn't buy anything :(
We hung out in Target till Pop got there to pick up DJ. My Mom and him where taking DJ to the NFL experience at the Convention center in New Orleans that evening. DJ had a blast!
He spent the night with them and he was tickled that he got to stay without his sisters. Even though he missed them.
Friday we went to a play in Kenner. Grease Jr. It was the best performance I had ever seen by kids that age. Their vocals where just amazing! My cousin Rachel gave us free tickets to the show . She does stuff back stage for the theater.
I can't wait to see the next performance they do. I am definitely falling more and more in love with the theater.
Saturday was very low key as well as Sunday. And that brings us to today, Monday. Nothing new other than school, house work, took garbage to the dump and kids doing homework and bible quizzing. OH I almost forgot! I went to the chiropractor Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was having killer head aches neck pain and mid lower back pain. I am going to start going once a week till it starts to feel better.

Till next time-Val

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