Monday, April 8, 2013

April Ramblings

April Ramblings......Something I am good at.
We have been having a lot going on this past month.
Or should I say past few months.
With school, church going to showers and birthday parties we are just so booked. Not to mention Bible quizzing which takes up about 99% of our time. We are either studying or going to a quiz. Which BTW is only once a month so really we have been studying.... A LOT!
Emilee Grace loves it though.

My cousin is getting married this weekend so I am so looking forward to it. Or should I say I am looking forward to the food. :)) I love weddings. They make me happy!

I am looking forward to church camp in May. I am actaully taking some girls from our church and Kaylee. I hope its fun! 

The following weekend we are going to Arkansas for bible quizzing. I am actually not looking forward to the long ride. I normally love a good ride in the van but lately I have been staying home due to David taking the van to work with him and I have become the regular little home body.
I really need to make a point of at least walking to the church everyday to get some fresh air because I am getting really lazy. Or should I say lazier than I already was. 

I found these pictures from our Easter egg hunt on my phone that I didn't upload.

I redid my tree where we park at. Now it just needs some flowers.

Hey if anyone has Instagram follow me @vwl816
I just let me little girl Kaylee get instagram too tonight. It seems only yesterday she was starting kindergarten and now she is in the end of 7th grade and lives on a cell phone or tablet! LOL
anywho...I guess I should go to bed I could ramble all night.

Till next time~Val

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