Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How It All Started

How It All Started

I'm linking up for a blogging series called Love & Marriage. Today, it's all about the beginning from meeting to engagement to wedding. To read other great posts or to join in on the fun click here.

It all started out when I was a freshman in high school. I had just moved from a different city and was new. I made a few new friends. One girl in particular, Melanie. We struck up a friendship and she wanted to go dress shopping for homecoming. Her sister was gonna pick us up and take us. In this process I ran into David.  How fun does this sound....He was my friends sisters husbands best friend. Anyhow lots changed since then but back to my story of how we met. He was working at Burger King and we stopped in to get a bite to eat and there he was! Goofy looking, David. At first I didn't have much to say to him or talk about but he was pretty persistent on us talking. We met up at school to walk to classes. Ate lunch together. The whole nine yards of teenage love. I was 15 he had just turned 18. I know that lots of people will turn their noses up at that and most of the time it doesn't work but in our case it did.
We where in separable from then on.

About a year later we found out I was pregnant and we married shortly after that. 
I was in the 10th grade and David was in 12th.
It was extremely hard being young parents trying to learn and grow up all at the same time.
It was well worth it and I wouldn't change it for the world but I do not recommend it for anyone.

This picture above was actually taken after we where married. 
Homecoming 2000

A lot of our pictures got destroyed in Katrina. As you can tell from the scanned one above.

 We where married in October 1999.

Four months later Kaylee Marie was born.

She stole our hearts.

We moved back to my hometown.
We both finished High school in 2001. David actually graduated the same year as I did. Plenty of times we thought about just letting him get a GED but that really was not an option.  For us at least. His dream was to go into the Army and at that time they did not accept GEDs.(More on that later)Which was seriously hard considering we had a family. He worked as well to provide for us. He is a good man. Not everyone can say they got a Fairy Tale Ending but I know I DID!

I had the perfect wedding considering. It was bad timing and we had lots going on with me being pregnant. At one point in our lives around our 10th wedding anniversary we where gonna do a small ceremony with the dress and tux and flowers but then God convicted me and then I knew  I had already had my perfect day. Nothing could change that. 
We will be married for 14 years this October.

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