Sunday, June 23, 2013

A lot going on

This month has flown by. DJ and David's birthdays plus Father's Day has went and gone. I will do a totally different post for DJ's birthday parties and one for Father's Day too! I don't really have any pictures on my phone because I got a new camera!!! It's a canon rebel t3 and I love it! David brought it home on his birthday for me! He is such a sweetie pie!😘 

A week from today I will be leaving for Florida and staying there for a week with some old friends and then they will be coming back with me for two weeks to hang out in good ole Louisiana! Yay!! I have so much already planned for their visit. Mainly going to New Orleans. The zoo, aquarium, IMAX and insectarium. Oh! And city party! 

Once  they leave on the 30th we leave for Tn with my parents. David can't make it due to work. I have that all planned as well. Dollywood, Dixie stampede, comedy barn etc! I love to plan:)

School will be starting right after that and I will be helping in the Jr high this year. I am really looking forward to it actually. I love being with my kids! 

Did I mention my 30th birthday is August 16th?! Yeah, I am so excited about it too! They say you don't start living till 30. But I can say this if my life gets any better I will completely explode! I've never been so happy before. I guess it's my age, where we are right now, how close I am to GOD , my marriage being 14 years strong! I could name a mile long list. 

Also we are going to Destin too! That will be the actual weekend of my birthday! 

In October emilee turna 11 and David and I tickets to see Michael Buble'. (Thanks Momma) Can you say romantic?! What better way to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and to treat ourselves we are going on a cruise in nov! I am in travel heaven over here! My year is booking up and is flying by it seems but I am loving every minute of it! 

I know I was kind of all over the place with this post but I'm writing on my iPhone and it is 1:36am! Lol

Hopefully I can edit pictures to post this this week from the party and Father's Day.

Till next time-Val

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