Saturday, July 27, 2013

29 recap

29 recap.....

So I'm 30! Time sure has flown. It seems like yesterday I was about to turn 29 and I had my year all planned out. Hopefully 30 will bring me great joy and happiness! I am happier than I ever have been in my whole life. I love where I live, my family, my church, my LIFE! 

29 list

1.)Get in shape.  --- This I did not accomplish! I did try to at times but really never got to the goal I wanted. 

2.)Be down to my goal weight. --Eat better.  I did not accomplish this one either. I do eat better but I only lost a total of 5.8lbs 

3.)Read 29 books I've always wanted to read. Like gone with the wind. Pride and prejudice, sense and suability , bible (the whole thing) 
---- I did do a little but of this. I almost completed the whole bible. I did read the whole new testament but didn't quite finish the old.

   I read all of the hunger games books! 
  I read the whole series of  Percy        Jackson. (5) 
 Then I read the series,The heroes of Olympus 
                     The lost hero
                    The son of Neptune 
 And I am currently reading the mark of Athena
  all by Robert Riordan 
I also read a ton of books with the kids if that counts! 
Haha :) 
4.)Enroll and at least do one semester by 30 
-- I enrolled in two classes but did not actually start them. I don't think I am gonna go down this road because honestly I do not plan to work out of my home so this would be kind of a waste at this point (of money and time)
5.)Go to Ireland with my mom and step dad.  --- my Mom and step dad didn't end up making the trip this year so this also was a no go!

6.) do 29 random acts of kindness -- I don't feel I did 29 but I know I did quite a few things

7.) do 3 bible studies women's preferably. ---Did not do this either! 

8.) get a massage FULL treatment! --nope not this one either!

9.) learn to sew and teach my girls how to sew. -- and this would be a fat NO too!

10.) learn to play piano better.-- I did play more but not what I had in mind.

11.) learn to play my violin-- honestly didn't even touch it this year!!!

12.) book a Disney vacation at a resort for the upcoming year with dinner reservations. The whole nine :). 
-- I haven't booked it just yet but I do plan on doing this very soon.

13.) develop a skin/beauty routine
--I kind of did this. I found a cleaner that works for me but not beyond that.

14.) go on a date MONTHLY with my hubs
--we went out a lot so I would say this one I actually did to some extent. 

15.) organize all photos from 29 down
--I started this online but never made it far.

16.) make kids a school binder for each year
-- I also started this and did about a page or so in all of them and then I just kind of have up.
17.) memorize bible scriptures with my kids 
- now we did this! Emilee was on the jr bible quizzing team too! 

18.) participate in operation Christmas child I want todo 5 shoe boxes. One for each family member 
-- we did this too! We also talked about getting more people involved for the upcoming year. 

19.) go to five plays. I really want to see the nutcracker 
--- I saw 
      Romeo and Juliette 
      The Nutcracker 
Lacking two but pretty good considering.
20.) Visit Somewhere I've never been yet. Like Branson, Washington, New York
-- I visited Daytona if that counts! 

21.) have a better prayer life. Pray at least once a day. Pray for myself, my hubs, my kids, my parents and grandparents, other family members, pets, my kids future spouses, the world, etc
-- now I do have a better prayer life. I don't do it as much as I think I should but I really am working on that.

22.) organize my family binder with all my important documents in it. This is a MUST DO ASAP kind of thing
--- I started this. I have our social security cards, my birth certificate and our marriage licenses in it but I have all the paper work filled out to send for else. 

23.) go parasailing 
--did not even think about this!

24.) Make a photo album for each of my kids. Starting with the present year
-- started online 

25.) make 29 new recipes
---I  made a few...
Pork chops in a bag
Tilapia in crockpot with lemon sauce 
A few chicken dishes.

26.) get a bread machine and make bread!!
--- didn't get this. I am thinking I need to hold off for a bigger place before I get anymore kitchen stuff! 

27.) buy a camera that I've always wanted. Cannon 
-- my lovely honey got me this for his birthday! I was a complete basket case when he gave it to me!!!! Cried like a baby!

28.) Blog and write in my journal regularly; find inspiration from other bloggers
-- I have blogged a good bit. I also have been writing in my journal too. Something's about writing on paper.

29.) go on cruise for 30th birthday! 
-- this is booked! We leave in Nov. 

One extra.... Ride on a train;)
-- we didn't do this but we are doing it this upcoming year. 

All and all I think I had a pretty good year. We had a few ups and downs but we are better now. Time heals all. The beginning of the year Granny passed and before that she was in and out of hospitals and she had to end up going into a nursing home. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I rode in the van with her over to the facility which is next to the hospital and it was heart breaking. It's different from being in the hospital. She cried, I cried the nurses cried. My dad cried. It was very challenging at time with my faith and sanity. Not to mention things I can't mention. So really my year was pretty busy. The first half was spent running back and forth places and the second half after she passed, well lets just say I was in a daze. I am finally feeling peace. I know that it won't ever be completely the same because she is gone but I treasure every moment with her the good and the bad. 

Wow... So with all that off my chest on with the new year 30! I feel like I am 50 to be honest with you. It just seems like I have been married forever and been threw so much. But I am looking forward to whatever this year and my 30's has to offer!

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  1. I think you will get to all these goals in time. I Love You <3