Thursday, January 30, 2014

the new year

The new year is here! I haven't blogged in so long.I really do miss it. I wanted to look back at some recent dates to remember something and remembered that I didn't blog so I couldnt use my handy blog for that connivence. ERR Anywho. Here are some things that have changed since I last wrote.

I moved. 

David and I are separated. Totally my business so no questions just prayers!

The kids started back at their old school and love it. It has been a hard transition I think but all in all they are doing well with their school work.

I started school it's hard. 

Now for some rambling. Christmas was nice. David and I did Christmas Eve together and then the kids and I came home and we did Christmas morning here. They got bikes which was super fun since I got a bike too and we live across from the levee. David got me a telescope. I haven't really been able to use it but once because I hate cold weather. My BFF got me a charmed jewels bracelet and ladybug charm which I absolutely LOVE!

The kids stared ball. Emilee has already had her first few games. DJ is still practicing and Kaylee she only does explorers. Emilee is also in 4-H and gymnastics. 

My dad has been keeping the pups. It's just too hard with them right now. 

I really miss my friends! 
 I guess that's it for now. I'll have todo a whole post on my garden next and some ball pictures too! 

Till next time-Val

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