Monday, July 19, 2010

Forever ago

It has been so long ago since I have blogged it seems. I have been extremely busy with the kids. It's summer and you know what that means, no school, being outside in the pool and sleeping in! Well the sleeping in part is not really all that true because the kids have still not learned what it is!!! LOL

We have done a  little on the house in the past few weeks. Pictures when it is all finish. Its the landry/pantry. We had to completely redo it. I am very excited about the new house project but it really takes alot of time and money. Two things that we just do not have alot of. I was thinking of going with wallpaper. I know, its not that popular and all but I like it. I have found alot of cute ideas to go with. Really not sure just yet but I was thinking along these lines.......

Its also a pantry too so I was looking for ideas to please me in both areas.
Some ideas I had for the pantry where

Not too sure just yet. I still have time to decide on these plans because I am sure it is going to take sometime to get the walls and outside done.

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