Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I think we found one!

I normally don't get to excited or tell things that haven't happen or don't even know if it is meant to be but I just had to blog about this. Ok, so as you all know David and I have been going to church in Pine and the kids go to school at the church school. I take care of Granny during the day so Dad can help teach the High Schoolers. Well Granny and Dad live in a small older neighborhood and we are looking for a house to rent ONLY closer to them and church/school. Low and behold a house in the neighborhood that someone was renting for years is vacant!!! Yes, I said it vacant. ;) I tried find the man online that owns it but i had no luck with it. So, I decided to go to the neighboring house and see if I could get a number or way to contact him.
So I am so excited because tomorrow I am going to contact him and I am praying that he is willing to rent it. This is all up in the air and we are still praying about it but I just pray so hard that it could be the "one"!
 Till next time.....


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