Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am always behind.

I wrote a post a few times on Saturday night and everytime the picture loader was not working. I wanted to do a threw the years of Day and I. It was our 11th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything special on the day of our anniversary because I had been asked a month in advance to help host a baby shower. Parties are my speciality! ;) In exchange for helping my grandparents wanted to keep the kids the following weekend. So we took them up on this wonderful offer and planned us a get a way. I previously posted that we are going to Monmouth Plantation and we are truly excited about this trip. I am glad that we have wonderful family that we can leave the kids with and not worry. DJ will be with Poppy aka my Dad and the girls are off to PawPaw and Nana Shirley's house.

So with out further are our pictures I have gather threw out the  11 years!

~Our wedding day~
October 23,1999

~March 2000~

Thanksgiving ~2001~

Thanksgiving ~2001~

~Christmas 2002~ 

~July 2004~

~Magee 2008~


~Halloween 2008~

~Pearl 2009~

~Hahnville 2010~

~ Present~

I didn't have the greatest pictures that I wanted to put up but I did what I had. I sure wish next year I can find one for each year and post.



  1. Happy anniversary!!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I just wanted to remind you that I was involved in 3 of those pictures! LOL! 1 was my engagement party, 1 was my Halloween party & 1 was a lunch we had together @ Red Lobster when I was pregnant. In was really all about me! LMAO! Just kidding! :P

  3. No, wait!!! 4!! Cuz one of those pictures was taken in the parking lot of the church while y'all were waiting for us to get there @ the Easter Vigil that Dwayne & I got Confirmed & Amber got her 1st Communion!
    This definitely means that I am a vital suppliment to your marriage...somehow! LOL!