Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our anniversary trip-Monmouth

Well I have been trying to blog about our trip now for a week! I really wish my photo uploader would work. :(
I am able to upload a few but not all of them and this is really getting frustrating.

Day 1

We got up bright and early Friday morning and  drove to Nachez. We arrived super early so we drove around to get our barings on the town. It was a layed back day. We ate lunch and at really good Mexican place but I can't remember the name.

Finally it was time to check in. Our room was beautiful and so was the grounds and house. When we checked in a man that worked there told us about a really good steak house that was haunted and knowing David and my Mother (they went for their anniversary too) we had to go. I was scared the whole night. If you know me I don't like scary stuff.

                                 The King's Tavern                              

I did not like it at all. I didn't like the food. The darkness. NOTHING!
It just wasn't my cup of tea,ya know!

I only got 3 pictures to upload so I am not to happy right now with Blogger. I really wanted to do a day by day/house by house blog for each one.

I am gonna try again later I guess

Till next time, Valerie

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