Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Cliche as it might sound I wanted to do a short list of things I would like to do in this year 2011~
I have a 101 in 1001 days list but I wanted to do a shorter one just for this year. Little goals for just me.

1. Lose weight-Yes, you read it right! I want to lose weight! Not like you couldn't look at me and tell that I needed/wanted too. LOL

2. Learn to play my violin.-Totally excited about this one I tell ya!

3. Read the entire BIBLE!-I must say with all the reading I do I have yet to read the whole thing :( This is the YEAR!

4. Get on a budget! -Yes, I shop and eat out WAY to much!

5. Get these dogs potty trained! Ok so this last one is one that I am a little annoyed with. Zoey and Pixie aren't even my pups but they are about to drive me looney :p If you are reading this one say a little pray that they will learn how to do OUTSIDE :)

Hope everyone is having a safe New Years and eat lots of cabage and black eyed peas today!

Till next time~Val


  1. Girl, I'm with you on the losing weight thing!!! I have gained back 6 lbs since November. I am starting back on my exercise routine tomorrow!!!! I definitly want to budget myself some so we can pay off more of our debts. It sucks that I have added to our bills from all my medical issues!! So far I have 7 bills just for the last few months and that isn't even my hospital bill!!!

  2. I feel so bad all the time and I know its what I am eating and my weight gain :(

    P.S. I sure wish we could meet up!