Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomorrow is the day of new beginnings!

I never really start my resolutions on the actual 1st. The kids start back at school tomorrow so I am going to begin tomorrow! It is really hard to eat healthy around the kids. Think what you may but when Emilee comes to me batting those pretty green eyes asking if I would like a delicous pretzel she has made with her easy bake oven or a to die for cake with homemade frosting I have to say, "Why thank you!".

I was told the best way to start a new diet/way of eating better is to detox your body. I plan on doing that tonight!! Someone recommended Oral magnesium citrate. It was recommended to stay at your house for about 3 hours after this is drank. LOL You kind of get the drift of what it makes you do so wish me luck!!

I plan on eating salads for lunch with chicken. No dressing. Other days I play on eating fish baked or broiled. I love Tilipia so I will eat alot of it on my new diet/way of eating better. I also love Salmen but not with the bottom skin part :P I only plan on drinking water and lemon for atleast two weeks. Maybe for the month. I do not want to put any sugars in my body so no bread,coffee, etc. I am praying that I do well. Tea and coffee and brownies will be my killer but I don't plan on never eating them again but in moderation and not like I am not with having 2 MacDonald's teas a day on top of atleast one cup of coffee and brownies for a late night snack. I am so tired of being this weight that I am and its time for a change.

Not only will I be helping myself but by proxy my kids and hubby will benefit from my new eating habits. I plan on packing their lunches everyday and I DARE them to drink sodas! LOL The good thing is they already LOVE apples, grapes, pretzels etc. So it won't be a complete shock for them. There just won't be any tea in the frig with they are thirsty :)

Well I have to run for now. Time for pray meeting! I love church~its my favorite place to be :)


  1. I so-o-o did not realize the dirty little influences that I had bestowed upon you...& I know that they are mine, cuz I can hear it coming out of my mouth as I am reading it off of your blog! McDonald's sweet teas...coffees?!! Wow! I can remember a time when you would gag if you had to take a sip of my tea cuz it was so sweet! You are obviously in a rut....I will pray for you; you deserve that much from me! I'm so sorry! LOL! ;P

  2. I am glad you realize what you have done!!!! LOL

  3. Drink your tea, just lower the amount of sugar you put in it. Try Total Cleanse. It is in pill form and is easier to get down. Start an exercise program and STICK WITH IT. Doug and I have completed our first week of P90X. It is kicking our butts!!! Hope you reach your goals!!! And I am jealous of the violin bc I have always wanted to learn SOMETHING, lol!!!

  4. So, you like P90x? We thought about getting it. I can stay away from the tea at home and even make unsweet. Its the MacDonalds tea that I have a issue with It calls my name!!! LOL