Friday, January 7, 2011

Can you beleive it is January?

I still can not believe the date of today! Last year has flown by and so the cycle continues with tis month. I also want to add really quick that any mistakes in my typing are all because of the laptop that I am being forced to use. You see my laptop has lost its IP address for some crazy reason and is needing to go to best buy for some work so I am forced to still and blog and anything else I am needing to do online with Kaylee's computer. Its a mini and its very annoying but I am just thankful for it at this moment. So bare with me people!!! LOL

So onto my post. I am very excited to annouce that I will be starting my violin lessons next Wednesday. I am beyond words right now with this because its been a dream of mine since I was a child to be able to play and be comfortable to do so infront of others.

The next thing is I am really praying about getting a tubal ligation. David and I talked about it and we considered adoption as well and we just fell that if we are going to have anymore children that it be from us. I know alot of people thing three is enough but I yern for a larger family. The kids want a baby too! But like I said its all in Gods hands and I will do as he wants. I will update when I feel I have some answers. Until then PLEASE pray for me. Either pray that God tells me this is the right thing to move forward with OR let my baby fever please leave once and for all!

Now onto my last thing for today. I have yet to start on my diet/program. I had a bad run in with that drink that I was going to take to clean out my body. It didn't do as planned. I could barley drink it and I ended up throwing it all up. Soooo with that being said I am still on the sweet tea and sweets! No coffee though.
It doesn't help when I BEG my friend to come over so we can make peanut butter balls either! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! LOL

Thats all for now.

Till next time~Val 


  1. Just think for a moment. You want to lose weight. You want to learn the violin. If you have another child, you will NOT have time to follow through with those things. Of course it is your choice and I will be happy for whatever you choose. I think about liking to have time for myself when I begin to get baby fever. I want to get more artwork done among other things and it would be impossible with another child right now.

  2. oh believe me I have bee thinking since I wrote this post. lol My three along with David are driving me crazy God has awa of answering prays FAST! We talked with a Dr and the price alone is a turn off :( Its over 7000 dollars and I can honestly come up with about 10 thing that I would love to have or do for myself or my family.

    I just am continue to pray that God keeps my baby fever AWAY!!