Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today was a lazy day. I really did sleep alot. Not that I didn't need it. David stayed home from work to fix the pipes under the sink and house. We had a little problem with them. They are fixed thankfully!

I got the kids off right before eight and I fell alseep on Granny's sofa. I was beat!! We didn't get home from church till after 11p.m. I don't even know how the kids where able to have so much energy. I bet its the breakfast I made them :)

I had violin practice for the first time today. I was so nervous at first but it was alot of fun. My teacher plays beautifully :) She is in the Gulf Coast Orchestra and they are doing a concert this Saturday. I looked it up to see if I could get some last minute tickets but low and behold they have them but they are $130 a seat. Thats on the floor level at that. So, I will be waiting on that. I came home and told David about it and he instantly said lets go! That would be awesome if we where not saving everything we make! I think I am going to ask for them for Mother's Day or my birthday from my parents or grandparents. I wouldn't feel bad then by going.
I did rather well for my first lesson. I have practiced all night since I have been home. I think everyone is ready for me to give it a break. I did go over and show Granny and my Dad what I had learned. I feel like a little girl all excited!!

I wanted to also address a recent post about wanting more kids. That would be a BIG NO!!! Not to long after I had posted that post my kids went from "ANGELS" to well I don't know what they went to. It's all back to noraml and they are fine now but I think I was just having baby blues. I prayed and David prayed and we fill that three is plenty! It just costs so much to raise kids now. We have one in braces, and soon EMilee will need them we think...Not cool!

Till next time~Val

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