Friday, February 11, 2011


First I would like to say that I am fed up with not having a good working computer! I miss my laptop so much. I am going to buy me a new one ASAP! I just can't handle this any longer using other peoples computers. I don't have the programs I need. I have to wait to borrow them and then half the time I am stuck using this little mini of Kaylee's!!! Everytime I go into working on a project like cards, flyers etc this dumb thing goes nuts! I am livid......AH! Ok happier note and on to something else. I just had to rant for a second.

So, I have done pretty good with no cokes or tea. I mean I have gotten a few here and there but for the most part I am off the cokes. Tea is another story. I do plan to completely ditch tea asap! Not hot tea just tea from MacDonald's! Its so sweet...and delcious!
I started trying to lose weight at the beginning of the year and now its in the second month and I have not lost a pound! Tonight we went and ate at Chili's, one of my all time favorite places and had my fill. As soon as we got back into the car I instantly got sick. Not that the food was bad, but I have over ate. Not good. Something has to give. I am so tired of being a blubber ball. So at that point I had said, No MORE! I am gonna lose this weight and thats that! So here is my line up of what I am gonna do. And before I even go there I already no its hard to give it all up at one time but guess what? If I do a little I mess up more than just cold turkey!

1. No ground beef! This is steaks too!!! I am going to treat myself to a steak every two weeks. A small one that is. You aren't supposed to eat red meat but once a week anyways.

2. No sweet tea, or sodas! NONE NEVER! I am just done with them!

3. Junk food- Its a history! No brownies, ice cream, nothing! Well not forever but my goal is 20lbs! Then and only then will I eat something sweet. (Cold Stone!)

4. carbs- I am laying off the darn potatoes! LOL Thats all I am gonna say about that :)

5. I am gonna start a work out routine. Between Curves, walking at the church and running after these kids I am sure I am gonna get into shape. I plan on going to Curves Monday-Wednesday-Friday
Walk-Tuesday and Thursday either at my house around the neighbor hood or at church. Saturday I plan on doing something active with my babies and Sunday...well Sunday is my day of rest! Its the Lord's day!! :)

6. I am gonna journal about this every night for a month. So for the next 30 days you are gonna see the blog name as Day1 etc.
I am hoping by keeping track and journaling that if I mess up that I can look back and learn and see what I did wrong.

7. Menus! Kelly actually gave me this idea and I used to do it all the time but ever since moving by my Dad those have been obsolete. Well not anymore! We are gonna know what we are supposed to have for Breakfast- snack- lunch- snack-dinner! I think it is better that way because then you arent running to the store hungry picking everything in sight or running to a fast food restraunt. MacDonald's is my enemy!!!!!

8. Just plain old portion control is what I am shooting for. I am not gonna do so crazy diet where all I eat is grapes! I want to do this for life. Eat better and feel better! Look my age for goodness sake!
I even plan on doing a before and after picture but for now I am gonna keep my BEFORE picture to myself until I have seen some progress!! LOL

So, please of anyone has any recipes that they are willing to share that are fairly healthy please send them my way!

till next time~ Val 

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