Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We might really get snow!

I've really enjoyed all the snow pictures from other blogs. I wish that we where getting the same amount as everyone else north of us but I am just thankful right now that we might get an inch! HA! We really arent equipt for the snow :( I think weather bug said it was going to be in the 20's and they have canceled classes for tomorrrow at the church. So it will def be a lazy day. Sleeping eating and more sleeping and eating!

The kids only went to school for a half of day today. My dads water froze last night and he over slept so I took the kids and chatted with everone and went to pray. After leaving the school we went to my dentist appt. Which was much needed. I went to Hammond to the old office I used to go to. Unfortunatly my old dentist retired and a young lady took his place. All I have say was she will do and I really enjoyed the hygentist that cleaned my teeth. They took to long in the dentist office and I missed my ultrasound and my violin lessons. Not cool is all I am gonna say. I have a new ultrasound appt for the 16th and results for it a few days afterwards.

The date is getting closer to signing our papers on the land. Its Feb. 18th @ 2pm! We are counting down the days!! I also called about the sewer system being put down and the permits we will need for the water,sewer and electic. We also have to put a drive way down as well. I am hoping we are going to be able to get city water but we won't know that until later this month when they come out and inspect. Praying we can because if not that will be another good 2500! AHHHHH!!!

On one more topic. David and I started to look at mobile homes and we just for fun looked at new double wides and let me tell you they are beauitful inside! I am having trouble deciding if we might just go with one. Or a modular home. I doubt we do because I have always had my heart on building who knows what God has in store for us.

Till next time~Val

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