Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patience is a virtue

I am trying to come up with witty phrases or titles and most of the time I feel like I have really lacked in that department but todays title is perfect! I am so excited and have so much going on that I am literally being impatient. It horiable I know already God has everything under control but I am just so excited! I've done cleaned out the kids closets and mine TWICE! I am ready for this move. This step in our lives. If you know me on a personally then you know that my blog should be named The LeBlanc Gypsy Family always on the move! HA!
So please once you read this please say a little pray for me that I would no peace and patients!

So on to what I did today. I of course got the kids off for school. Then I had to go to the Dr for 11:45. So I got Granny and I ready and off we where to Madisonville for my check up. It went well other than the fact that they drew 3 huge tubes of blood and I have to go back for an ultrasound next week to look at my ovaries. I will keep my blog updated but to be honest I was kind of worried because the Dr seemed a little worried. I did take a PG test and that was negative. THANK THE GOD LORD! Not to say that I would be mad but a this point I would most likely cry ALOT! LOL I am just kidding. I will take what God has for me.
Pray on that too! I am a firm believer in prayer so just PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Well it looks like Emilee Grace is Bible drill is not canceled for everyone but she is not going. Mainly because I am not going to be able to go and she really needs me or her Daddy to be there. My dad is going but he is rooming with the other boys that are going and that was just not even an option. So there is always next time and she will be on top of her game as usual. The only other sad thing is David has to work ALL weekend long. Again. No complaints there but I do kind of miss him from time to time. Tonight he stayed at our house in Hahnville just so he could get extra rest and be done faster tomorrw.

OH! We got both of our w2's in so of course I am excited about that. We are paying off two things and I am so excited! Two down...I lost how many to go!!! LOL Total joke....we really don't owe anything else except house hold stuff and my van.

Till next time~Val 

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