Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's up with the weather?

Today the weather has been so weird. I got up and it was freezing! No lie, I had to turn the heaters on in every room and in the bathroom. Then about 11, I got my Granny ready and we headed to Sonic for our lunch. Can you believe it was HOT outside? I had to take my jacket off. It was a super thin one too! We got back to the house and it felt kind of chilly again and the wind started to blow. Ah...So I put my jacket back on and got Granny inside. Low and behold it got warm again!! Then around 3pm I headed to violin and it started to get chilly again. By the time night fell it was FREEZING! I just wish it would pick one thing and stick with it. I hate to be to hot or to cold :(

Update on violin-It's great! I am ok. I don't know why but I can't wait for lessons and soon as its like right down to the time of walking in I get so shy and scared. What's up with that? My teacher is super nice. I don't have a shy bone in my body but for some reason I just get totally overwhelmed and feel like I could just go into a corner and shake! LOL Not lieing..I even do this shaking my leg a little its so strange. I pray I really grow out of this. It's kind of annoying.
I do plan to record myself this week playing open strings. So look forward to that!! LOL

I am also kind of bummed about my visit with my dear friend Kelly and her family. We where supposed to see them three times this month and all three times have fallen threw. The latest was this week. They where coming for the weekend and now they are haivng their trip cut short and I won't even be here because I hope to be in Georgia with Emilee Grace on a Bible Drill. Hopefully we can meet up or just go for a visit soon.
We will see what God has instore for us. Maybe a small Disney trip will be in our future very soon!

Now on to the BIG news. We are buying land. It is right by our church which is the biggest plus! We wanted to get really close but we didn't think it would be this close. They had 11 acres for sale but we only wanted 5 acres. 11 was just to much at this time for upkeep and price for our budget. We are planning to sign the paper work on it this upcoming week or the next depending on the title search etc. We are truly estastic! We plann on clearing it off and puting a mobile home for a few years (3 to 4) and then building. Right now we just don't want to over load ourselves and not have any spending money. The kids would die if I made them eat roman noodles every night! LOL They would love it at first but it would soon get old.

Here is a few idea pictures. The reason we are waiting ( I am waiting-David wants to just jump on in) is I want everything just right!
Above is my FAVORITE!
I would hope to have two bedrooms upstairs with a hollywood bath.
downstairs a master and DJ's room.
Plus all the living space.
AND YES it will be YELLOW with white trim!

This is what we most likely will end up having to go with because of the room.
Of course YELLOW!

You get the idea. It's victorian style. White fence etc.

These next few photos will be my furniture style. I really want either white or off white but we will see what I can find when the time comes but I won't be settling thats for sure! LOL

I will have a small sitting area for tea etc with this type furniture.

Ideas for the girls. They will be getting queen or full size bedroom sets that will stay at the house after they have moved out so when they come for a visit they will still have their own space.
Same goes for DJ but of course more boyish.

This is a must! I want a sun room for reading etc. With whicer furniture to add! It truly is a must! Orange pillows to top it off!

Directly outside will be my flower garden. (I hope)

Then my organized veggie garden!

A few ideas for my kitchen.
I will def will not have stainless steal or wood floors!
I can't stand either of the two!
Black appliances-A MUST!

And in time.....THIS! This is in time! I want it covered with the little water fall and I want it a funny shape.
It is last on my list! I bet the kids will not be to happy about this but for starters I'll get them on of those cheap blue ones!!! LOL HAHAHAHA!

Just wanted to share my excitement!
We have a lot of clearing to do and we plan to stay on a TIGHT budget for 3 to 4 years!
It will payoff. I have faith!!

We will also eventually get some chickens, a horse or two and make a cow and pig! Now rush on those things either!!
Till next time~Val

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  1. How is it that we have almost exact taste in so much?!!! You chose house designs that I have always loved!! And I love all your furniture and room ideas!!! So glad you guys are getting some land. I know how much you have wanted to settle in one place. I told you the baby fever would wear off, lol. I miss you guys so much!! I will come see you as soon as I can. We are back on a financial rollercoaster right now so our trips will likely be few this year. Sorry you guys can't make the party, but maybe next time!! Glad to hear you're loving you violin stuff!! I'm kinda jealous about that!! Man, how I wish we lived closer together so we could go do stuff!! The more I learn about you the more I feel that we are "kindred spirits", lol!!! So different and yet sooo similar!! Ttyl!!!