Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another rambling blog post

Ok, so I have really rambled the last few times I have wrote. I am just stressed to the max. I have so much going on and every time I think I can sit down and take a few deep breaths something else pops up. I truly wish for a clean house right now. One where I walk in and it smells fresh and clean. No clutter anywhere to be found. I am even getting sick of the color orange if you can believe that! It used to make me HAPPY :) but lately I just get annoyed when I see it. I wonder what thats all about? I am liking white for some odd reason. White curtains, sheets plates. Yeah, I already know! I am rambling!!!! I just am feeling kind of blue lately. I am tired is the biggest thing I guess. Oh-and do the clothes ever stop? I get them done and I look in the bathroom and there is a full hamper :(
(I am just venting so don't get alarmed! LOL)

Well enough of that.

Till next time~Val

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