Friday, March 18, 2011

My favortie time of year.

We finally started our gardening for this year. We bought our seeds and potting soil and where in full gear the day before yesterday. We also bought one flower hanging plant and a mini bird feeder which is pictured at the bottom. Its too cute!
We are off for spring break and Kaylee visited MiMi and Pappy and then her BFF forever Rebecca in Magee. So she wasn't here to help. She was greatly missed I can tell ya that by ALL!
First we got our dirt ready and then it was seed time. The kids loved the spray bottle I bought for them. Most of the time they over water and I figured this would help out an I would not have to stand over them like a hawk ;-)
 We started with these for some of the seeds
 ready to start planting!!!
 All of our seeds, minis okra.
We planted-watermelon,califlower,beans,carrots,cucumbers,squash (two types)tomatoes and one other but I can't recall what it was.
 She's adding warm water and waited till they grew!
 my big girl helping!
 big helper
 getting the dirt in the cups
 Watering the seeds

 All done!
 Meow watching...He wanted to be outside helping.
 My Dad surprised me with this kit. I talked about having a herb garden a few times and he thought this would be perfectto start!

My mini humming bird feeder.

Till next time~Val

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