Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some more exciting news!

So today we went to our land to look around a bit. Someone from church bush hogged and made us a road leading to our property. Once we got to looking at it our land started closer to the road than we thought! Then as we are sitting there my Dad says y'all should of bought all of it. You see we only got 5.002 and there was 11 acres total. We just thought 5 was enough. Well God had a way of telling us it wasn't! We called while sitting on the back of the truck and BAM we sign papers for the rest of it tomorrow @ 3pm! QUICK I tell ya!!!
We are so excited. I have already picked out my house site. We plan on buying a used/nice mobile home around the first of the year and we plan to stay in it until the land is paid for. Our loan is for 13 years but we have a goal to knock it out in 3 to 4! Praying that everything goes smoothly.

We have set down and made a huge adjustment in our spending. I am cutting out Curves, my Iphone and Days Iphone as well. No more going out to eat! Maybe once a month...MAYBE! This alone with save HUNDREDS! As soon as my 3 months is up for violin we will be stopping that as well for awhile. I know I will miss all three of these things but I am super excited about whats next. That is a good chuck right there is ya can believe it! We know that these really are small things but when you have a goal, you put it first!
I was not looking forward to moving out there at first but now that it is half cleared it opened my eyes..WIDE! I am in heaven thinking of all the things I want to do.

Till next time~Val

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