Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am happy that it is spring time. The flowers are blooming and the weather is just right! We have already grilled and ate outside twice!
I love when the weather is just right. Not to mention our rental house we live in is perfect in everyway :)
We have two drive ways and one is a covered carport so we move my van and set the tables up and light the grill! LOVE.....

Today my in laws came in from Ms. We where very excited to see them. We grilled steaks and made my yummy potatoe salad and I popped open a mean can of baked beans! LOL I am not a big baked bean eatter but David loves them. On the can it says great for BBQ's. He like em' I'll warm em' ;)

Kaylee went home with them until Wednesday. I haven't really been away from her all that much so I am a nervous wreck since she left. I am used to DJ spending the night with my Dad or Emilee but Kaylee is usually always home with me. She is my big helper. The chick I talk to when her Dad falls alseep with the chickens! (ha) So she will definately be missed these few days she is gone.

Now onto getting an extra hour! Can we say. "YES!" I love to sleep and I am always late for church so I am totally excited about the possibility of being early.

Last but not least. We are going to be planting some veggies this week from seeds. I thought about using plastic cups or just buying a little mini green house kit. Not really sure yet on what we are gonna use. I guess decide on spot when I go to buy our seeds. My PawPaw is planning to get over one day this weekend and till up some rows for us for our veggies. I also think I am gonna get a satsuma tree and put it in a HUGE pot.

Till next time~Val

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