Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been completely overwhelmed lately. I think I just need a little get a way by myself. No LIE! No, hubby, kids, espically animals, no parents, no friends, no phone or computer! Just a good weekend will do me some good I think. I am gonna start praying that this dream can come a reality ASAP! I think a good two days would do me some good. To read, to actually think, to not have to clean or feel like I have to clean something. For people not to ask we whats wrong 24/7 would awesome! I am tired of saying nothing and it be a lie. I am just plain TIRED, wore out! I am sure as soon as I get one day of complete and total peace I will be dieing to get back home to my hectic life. For now its just a dream...........

On another note, Kaylee and I are leaving for the Ester conference tomorrow with our church. She is excited about it. I on the other hand and just blah.....I guess that comes with being so wore out.

Even better news is DJ is getting Baptized Sunday morning!!! Now this is something to blog about. My little man is only 6 years old and he is so HAPPY!!! I am happy about this. As wore out and tired I can't help to smile and get so excited for my baby.

See life isn't that bad.....

Till next time~Val

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