Saturday, March 26, 2011

March is one of my favorite months of the year!

Today is a HAPPY day!
It didn't start that way either.
It started out with being HOT not being able to rest without dreaming. When I dream I wake up tired. Like I have been on the go the whole time I was dreaming.
Kaylee and Emilee both had friends stay the night and they want to be right there with me everytime I did something. I'm not complaining about that I am just writing that...I love my girls and their friends! I had to watch Granny for a tad bit today and I didn't think I would ever get my clothes started. I did get them started but only one load. I got the dishes washed FINALLY but I am about to start dinner so that will soon be a bye bye on the dishes. Oh how I yern for a good dish washer.

Some good news is my plants are growning FAST!
I sold my iPhone for double what I paid for it!
and last but not least....
My mom ordered my some cute clothes and they came in!!!

I couldn't fin a whole picture so I did the two above.
I also got two knit skirt just to knock around in!

And now David and Dad are grilling and the kids are playing outside while we swing on the swing or rock in the rocking chairs!!

Till next time~Val

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