Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Time!

Today was Kaylee's 11th birthday party. I know...way behind but we are so busy and this was the only date we could get @ Vianne's Tea House!
All of the girls from her class rode and her two little cousin met us up there.
11 girls in all.

Her beautiful cake that Vianne's made. Might I add it was yummy too!

The food was to my liking...chocolate covered strawberries...mmmmm

Don't ya just love the heart shaped scone?!

Emilee Grace with her tea hat on and ready to drink her tea.

  Turn your neck for the video. I can't get it to turn
I could not believe I actually got a picture with them looking,smiling and being nice to one another!!!

Who says girls can't act silly at a Tea Party!?

Kaylee and Grace her BESTIE!

Afterwards since we where so close we stopped by the lakefront to feed the birds.
An old favortie

Besties being silly!

Kaylee enjoyed her tea party. She said she didn't care for the tea but the food(snacks) where yummy.
I was in heaven! They played the sound track to Pride & Prejudice I drank my tea and ate ALL the girls chocolate covered strawberries! Plus my own scone :) I think I want a party @ Vianne's this year...HINT HINT

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