Thursday, April 7, 2011


Can you believe it is April!?
I can't!
 I just don't understand why this year is flying by.
 It feels like I just got done with Chritmas.
We have so much going on this month and next and the following month after that.
This month we have already gone on our Ester conference. Photos to come soon!
Next Thursday we leave for Pigeon Forge,Tn for a few days. We have a bible quiz tournament up there and we are going take this time for a mini trip as well. Then May will be on us and the kids last day of school is May 16 or 17th and we have a banquet on the 18th and DJ graduates and awards night is the 20th! Then Kelly should be having her baby somewhere in that time as well so I will be heading to FL that weekend. My little couisn is geting Christened the 22nd and I almost forgot my day! Mother's Day is the 8th!!! Following that is my Mom's birthday on the 31st. Then June 11th is our first violin recital. Then we have a bunch of birthdays that month, David and DJ's mainly and then Father's Day!!! Ah...I am sure I could go on and on about how much we have going on but that would take forever. I know I left something out too! Its just not coming to mind what it is.

On a sort of calmer not tomorrow I am going to bring a birthday cake to my PawPaw tomorrow. It was his birthday last Monday. He is 72! After we visit with him we are going to go my the cemetary which I dislike very much and drop off flowers. It is very hard doing that. I don't do well with death but I am gonna suck it up for my MawMaw. I miss her so much this time of year. I miss her year round.
 Its been 6 years....
The arrangement is beautiful. Its an orange vase with big sunflowers!  

Well I guess that is about it. My google reader is begging me to read some blogs! LOL

Till next time~Val

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