Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 1

Today we dyed Easter eggs. The kids love this. They love anything that we do as a family and that their Daddy gets into. He said as we where laying in bed he was not wanting to do it. But as soon as he got in there with them he wanted to know where all the eggs where. I had only boiled 12. He's a nut!
Don't mind my CraZY hair!


Emilee Grace

Now look closely to this picture. After we where done dying them we sent Dadd outside to hide them. While they where on the hunt Kaylee found a small turtle by an egg.
That girl can find any type of animal,reptile,bug!

I went to one yard sale today. Actually it was a dealer that buys things and sells them. She is always having good stuff for cheap.
I found this today-A Vera Bradley purse for $1
YES,$1! I was shocked too!

Then this which I am going to repaint.
Sorry for the sideways picture. It won't turn for me for some reason.

Then this afternoon I made Tuna fish with our eggs and DJ baked us a cake and cupcakes.

I didn't get a finished project picture. But you get the idea it was a heart shaped cake.

Happy Easter, Y'all!
He is Risen!!!!

Till Next time~Val

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