Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are back from our trip to Pigeon Forge. I am glad it was a short one because I was so ready to be home but we did have a good time. Other than having to ride in the church van.

These few pictures where taken Friday outside of the Hotel where the bible quizing was going on.

DJ was following a Momma duck and her babies.
Too sweet!

This picture looks like a mug shot! HA!!
I only took this because we where standing in line at Dollywood and a lady ran past us looking for her little boy. They had just gotten off the Veggie Tales roller coaster. We where waiting to get on. A child can go missing that quick!!
The lady infront of me told me she always takes a picture of her children with the clothes they have on before entering a theme park for that purpose. So I quickly did this just in case and then gave him the low down on what to do if you get lost etc.
I was a nervous wreck for a while and then I finally calmed down.
I pray that sweet lady found her little boy......

One of our favorite rides was the flying elephants.
Reminds me of the Magic Kingdom.

Daddy and his two little ones riding the tea cups.
Momma will NEVER and I mean NEVER step foot on them ever again.
The last time we where here I took the babies on this and I got dealthly sick.

Sis Sabrina and Emilee Grace waiting in line for my first theme park ride.
I was so afraid.
I kind of liked it afterwards.
Not enough to ride it again.

Momma and DJ waiting to get on a ride.

Kaylee did not go with us. She wanted to go fishing and visit my Mom.
That will never happen again! We missed her so much.
But she had fun.She fished, played online and spent some time with her old friends from Hahnville.

I am glad to be home.

Oh...and Sabrina if you are reading this....

Happy Birthday, Sabrina!

Till next time~Val

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