Saturday, August 6, 2011

a little mini get a way!

David and I got a little mini get away this week. We left early Friday morning and we came home today. He had to take a test in Jackson early this morning so we go a hotel room so he could get a good rest and be ready for his BIG test. He thinks he did rather good but the only bummer to it is we will not know how he did till almost October.

A few things we did on our short trip was stay in Pearl, Ms.
Hotel Exterior
It was a very nice hotel, but I must say their beds are alittle firm!!

We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Fernando's. Delicous just like it always is!

On the way home we drove threw Puckett,Ms to see our old church in John's. They are still working on the church. Then we stopped at the high school at a yard sale and saw an old friend Mrs Judy!

Then we drove threw Magee where a part of my heart and a lot of memories are still.
We took the old threw the woods drive to Franklinton from there. It felt like old times.
But....I am so gald to be home!

I missed my kids, my dad, my animals and my town Franklinton!

Till next time,Val

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