Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer where have you gone?

Summer vacation is almost over! Can you believe that? I mean we ( the Christian school my kids go to) don't start back till the day after Labor day. Thats not far off. I have yet to really get any school shopping done. Well maybe for DJ I have but they all still need shoes and supplies.

My Dad and myself have a birthday this month. His is the 3rd and mine is the 16th. I am truly excited about both. Not that we are getting older but we are going out to eat and two awesome places. We are going to White's Seafood for my Dad's. They have king crab legs, steak. You name it! For mine we are going to Kirin. I LOVE Japanese food!!

Now just a few more things I want to chat about. Life. Simply right? NOT! I was just thinking to myself how I spend way to much time behind a computer,phone, ps3,wii, book. Or the worst for me sleeping. I really want to start mangaing my time better. I want to finish reading the Bible, go pray at church more. Play more games with the kids. Do more crafts with them. Actually get up and make hot meals everyday for them for breakfast! Yeah, don't fall out of your chair on that one! I am not a morning person and I can't stand the smell of breakfast foods. I cook eggs, bacon etc for them just not first thing in the morning but I think thats one thing I am gonna start changing. Slowly. I also want to get back in the habit of getting up with David when he gets off for work in the mornings. Maybe even make him breakfast. Who knows. We will see how it goes this week.

I've been praying so hard for God to point us in the right direction. Where to live, build or buy a used mobile home for the time being. So many things are running threw my mind. But tonight at church I saw it clearly. We are going to buy a used mobile home and start slow. I wanted to wait it out here in this house till we build but building could take years at this point in the game. To be honest my mind changes so much with house plans I would be scared to finish something and it not be just want I want. I also thing your taste/style changes when you are older. So my game plan is now 30! I mean I might not want orange everywhere and leopard rugs and lamps. Ha! But who knows. I haven't grown out of it in 27 years!!! LOL

So that was alot of rambling, but it made perfect sense to me :-P

                                                                Till next time, Val

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