Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Free atlast might be alittle far fetched BUT it sounds good,right?

Last week I had yet another run in with ATT about my internet service. It keeps going off a lot and for some reason they where just not getting the job down. So I finally said enough and got rid of them! Not completely, I still have cell service with them but I no longer have a home phone Or the internet. Strange to think of it but it's been the most relaxing week ever. The kids where in shock because they could not play there games online but are adjusting well. My plan was to go threw the local cable company but just have not sat down and called then yet. To be honest I am in no hurry. I am able to use the internet at my Dads and really that's all I need. I really never realized how much time I wasted. How much time the kids wasted too. We have played outside every evening and surprisingly the kids haven't missed a beat. ( other than the first actual day) so with that said, pray for me! I am also glad to report I am not on Twitter,Facebook,MySpace, Or any other social media. It just makes like so much more simple when you don't have to check in Or check on others 24/7! I was Trying to look back on the time when I first started MySpace. ( it was my first) and I recall being so Happy to reconnect with my old pals and family. I thought it was everything. Then Facebook and twitter got a hold of me and it was an addiction. Sad.

Well I am free, free atlast!

Till next time-Val

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