Friday, February 3, 2012

getting there

Well we are getting there. The drive way is done. The mailbox is up. My Dad got me two reflectors for my drive way so I wouldn't run off of it in the dark. The marker is there waiting on the water man to put my meter. The man came today to do our septic tank testing and give us our permit. The trailer man has assured me he will have my home there no later than Wednesday. Its coming slowly but surely. I am truly blessed to have made it this far but I can tell you its not without a lot of prayer. Worrying too. Not that I should worry but thats something I do very easy. I am a natural at it!!!
Tomorrow David, I and the kids are going to the land to do more root picking. These things are everywhere. Everyone has told us that we will be doing this for many years but we have to just head it on and tackle it.

Onto another topic. The Bible. I am doing so well with my readings. I plan to have it done by the summer but I wish I could just get it over with. Not that I am never gonna read it again I just want to say that I have read the whole thing. I have learned so much since picking it up and reading it word for word. Each book has many things in it. The Bible truly is a MUST read!

I am planning to start a BIG challenge tomorrow as well. For one, getting up at 7 am. I plan to wake up. Start my day with prayer and then cook a hot meal for my kids and David. I rarely do this because we are not morning people and its just never been a big deal around our house. BUT I want to teach my kids that you need to eat breakfast. Its the most important part of the day when it comes to eating. I never learned this coming up because I just didn't like to eat that early and no one really made a big deal of it which is fine but I see my horriable habit and I want to break it.

I want to insteal one new thing a week. So that is my task for this week is getting up early, praying and making a good meal for my little family.

Next week....well I am gonna have to think on this one. Maybe we can get rid of the junk food in the house...LOL

Well its off to the shower, reading and bed for me. 7 a.m. come mighty early when you are used to sleeping in.

Till next time~Val

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