Thursday, January 26, 2012

The time has come

The time has come for us to say goodbye to our house and move onto our land. We finally got a trailer. Not exactly what we wanted but will suit us just fine until the time to build. It's kind of a good thing cause if we got to comfortable we would most likely just stay put but I have plans for my Victorian style home and I really want it one day.
I am happy to say that they will be moving it onto our land Sunday or Monday depending on the weather. They are coming to lay the dirt and rock for our drive way next week as well. Sewer and water will follow right after so in about a week we will be there and all set up.
I am really having to down size with everything. Kaylee's bedroom set is having to go into storage and the girls are sharing a room and using DJ's bunk beds. He doesn't mind a bit because frankly he never slept a night in them. Maybe a nap or two. He loves sleeping with us and we LOVE him to sleep with us. One day he will not wanna do that.
I got rid of A LOT of kitchen stuff. Our extra gas stove, the sofa sleeper, Dad's chair is going to his house. We are going to buy a new living room set that will fit that space but not be over crowding. The TV for the kids games will go in the girls room thank GOD! I am really gonna miss having two living rooms with tons of space. I figured if I didn't put it in there I would go crazy with the noise. My computer is going in my room because  there is just no room for lots of stuff in the small livingroom or kitchen. LESS IS MORE I always say and if its cluttered I will stay in a bad mood.
Anywho....must run. We are headed to Atlanta with the church for Bible quizing at 2:30 am! Emilee has practiced so much and I know she will do her very best!! PRAY FOR US

Till next time~VAL

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