Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 already?

So it is 2012 already! Where in the world has time gone? I have been loving the blogging world lately due to all the Christmas posts! I just love to look at all the decorations, and read about all of the traditions everyone does.

Now for my BIG news! We are moving onto our land!!!! Thats right, you read it right! MOVING!!! I am so excited about this move. It will be our last. In my recent posts I had talked about us buying land in Pine, La. It has been almost a year (Feb will be 1 year). We thought we would be out there further in the year but due to some housing issues it has been moved up and I mean QUICK! Our land lord is having so housing issues where he is at and needs his house back February 1st. It first come as a shock to me and David and we where not that happy about it. But GOD has blessed us so much. We got our land cleared. We are waiting on someone to knock a few trees down in the front so we can finish making our long drive way. I have to turn in the paper work for our permits tomorrow and when that is down we will put down our water well and septic tank. I am not looking forward to that due to how much it costs but we have to have it I guess! LOL I am very excited about mail box shopping. I just can't wait to put it up. I plan on sending out snail mail cards with our new address. I also order a cute new stamp with our address on it! Seriously cute I tell you!!!!! I would post a picture of it but I don't want any stalkers, HAHA! We are having to put down some gravel for our long drive/road and that is gonna be a little pricey too but well worth it they say. So I am looking forward to being able to drive back there in my van and not worry about sticks, or being to wet etc. Its all really just running together and I/We are so excited like I said before. My kids espically. They have found spots for club houses. I can't wait to see what they make. OR shall I say how they make em.
We are now waiting on word on a trailer. We are wanting to go with an older used one. Something we can buy out right or buy and pay  on for about a year. We really want to start sinking all of our extra money into our land to get it paid off. We really want to build in the next few years. We will see how all that goes.

Well I have tons more to blog about but I guess that will be tomorrow. The kids start back school in the morning so that means I have to get up before the chickens....LOL

Oh, we cleared about 3 acres!

Till next time~Val

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