Saturday, February 25, 2012

Waiting (still)

So we are still waiting on our trailer to be moved. In less than 4 days we will be waiting for one whole month! It has been a stressful situation that's for sure. I truly hope they come with it on Monday because of not we are going to have to live with my Granny and Dad until it arrives. We did go ahead and get a storage unit this past week. We are gradually putting things into it but it's taking longer than I would have hoped and to top it all off we have more junk than anyone I know! I have tons of stuff boxed up but it keeps multiplying I think when I am not home. Haha
I did invest in storage containers for our clothes. We have a lot of clothes, really nice church stuff that I would hate to see ruined. So that's a plus and after we do unpack all of it I plan to use them for toys, crafts etc

Onto another topic, we went to ma this evening with Kelly and Dwayne. They treated us to dinner which was delicious!
They have been here since last Thursday and I hate to see them go tomorrow but amber has to get back to school. I pray they move back cause I miss them more than they know.

Keep us in your prayers of you are reading this. I need my house!!!!!

Till next time~Val

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