Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9 2012

I can not beleive how time flys. Just the other day I was putting up my Christmas tree in November and now its April. We have moved onto our land and have been here since the first of March. It is a slow process with clearing the land and getting grass to grow but we are getting there. I didn't know how out of shape I was until I started picking up roots. I'm so tired once I've worked about an hour that I have to stop. Ontop of that I have to get out of the heat because of my skin issues. ME+SUN=BAD

We where going to Florida this weekend coming but that is going to have to be put on hold. We have a money crunch plus we are really trying to get things fixed around here. Also I don't have a dog sitter or a garden sitter so its really no biggy I guess.

I want to try and recap a few things that have happen this month so I won't forget them. The girls and I went to the Esther conference at the end of March. The looked beautiful. This was Emilee's first year and Kaylee's second. Hopefully I can upload the pictures from that.
Then Emilee had her second bible quizzing match that same weekend which she done great! She answered a question and I was one proud Momma!!!! Her team got first place in there devision.

We got a deck/back porch started this past weekend. David's parents and brother/family came to help.

Easter service was good at church. The kids didn't really wear what I wanted them to wear but time slipped away from me so we just used old stuff we had from the previous year. I did get a new outfit but I felt uncomfortable all day because I have gained so much weight.

David's still driving over   two hours everyday to work. I sure wish God would bless him with a good paying job closer to home.

I started my garden again this year. It is nothing like I wanted or dreamed of but it was last minute and next year it will be beautiful!

Well I need to run. Maybe I can upload some pictures tomorrow.

Till next time~Val

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