Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OH what a month

So I am going to do a lot of rambling in this post so either get ready to read or just skip right to the next blog you read. 
I am doing pretty good with David and his job situation. He is too. We have (meaning him) a few jobs that have been thrown our way but we are really waiting out until the end of the month after our Florida vacation to make sure we are making the right decision on which one to take and further more a better job opportunity might pop up as well. Things have really been going kind of slow since he got laid off last week which is kind of a good thing if you as me. Days where running together and I was losing my mind it seemed like. 

We went to visit David's parents for Father's day this Sunday. It was after church. We made hamburgers and just sat and talked for a while. We didn't have evening church so we didn't rush back. I really enjoy riding in the van. It is so peaceful. Something else completely off topic is I really love music but barley anything you listen to is really kid friendly anymore. I love 97.1 but the music they play is out there sometimes. I want to listen to a song that doesn't talk about taking clothes, smoking drinking, clubing, licking, has the word SEXY in it! It's just plan annoying because if you don't monitor things before long your child will pop out with I'm sexy and I know it!!! And you are like "WHAT!" I plan to fully attack this. I was thinking of making a huge play list with kid friendly, upbeat music that I would be proud and not totally embarrassed that my kids says at any given moment. Okay that rant is over! 

So in other news I went to the dentist today for a clean. It's one of my favorite things to do is get my teeth cleaned. Weird. Yes. Love all the same.

Church was awesome tonight as always. DJ was wired with tons of energy. Sometimes I wish he would share that. I feel like I could pass out at any moment. 
I've been eating a lot this past week. I think its because I got off those shakes because we can't afford them and my appetite sure has picked up. 

Well I said it was gonna be long but I just got tired.

OH I am having a Thirty One Online party!! If you are interested PLEASE let me know and I can send you a link. I need some sales people.

Till next time~Val

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