Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Showers

Well we weathered Issac ok. We did lose electricity at our house for three days but we stayed with my dad and he only was out of power for 5 hours and it was at night. Rather good compared to what it normally is .
There was alot of trees down and the river flooded alot of the houses here in Franklinton but thank GOD no one lost there life. Most people where really prepared for the storm. I think we all have learned our lesson with Katrina.
My SIL's grandmothers home flooded in Bay St Louis but my inlaws and David's grandparents didn't even lose power. It rained alot on them though.

School is pushed back until next Monday. I am kind of glad because with the storm and other major things going on around here I am not prepared as I should be. I only have Emilee and DJ's clothes ready. I still have to find Kaylee her button down shirts and DJ needs a back pack. Special request-BATMAN!
I can't believe KK is going into the 7th grade :( Time is flying by to fast. Emilee will be ten in 30days! I feel so old yet I am just 29.

Also my Granny was put into the hospital on Thursday. I stayed all night and half of the day with her the next day and other family members having been taking turns since then. She has to have someone with her at all times because she has dementia and will try and get up and she could fall, pull her IV out etc before the nurses could get to her.
We are hoping she will be getting out in the next few days but she will not be returning home. She is going to a nursing home so she can be better cared for. She needs 24/7 care and it is just to hard on my Dad especially with school starting back. Please keep out family in your prayers. It's really ruff around here.

Till next time~Val

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